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research design model report review
Stormwater management in urban and rural settings has become part of our work.  Starting out by supervising project work on water-sensitive urban design, we have now moved to more hands-on involvement in stormwater retention and detention for new subdivisions, especially where more 'ecological' design is involved.
Pipe hydraulics
Fluid mechanics is our ‘fundamental’ academic discipline, so all aspects of pipe hydraulics, pipe networks and pumping have been covered over many decades.  Specialised and sophisticated software for complex network analysis, unsteady stormwater flows in mixed pipe/channel systems, network transient flows [‘water hammer’] and process plant is better handled by firms who specialise in such work.  We have carried out peer review of such work by others and also been involved in situations regarded as ‘tricky’ or unusual.
Channel hydraulics
River and channel flow is another aspect of our fluid mechanics expertise.  A similar disclaimer to that for pipe hydraulics applies, that complex unsteady open channel flow modelling is better carried out by specialist firms.  We have worked with channel discharge measurement structures, open channel control systems and design of small water supply channels.
Water reservoirs
We are not a geotechnical consultancy and not involved in design and construction of large dams.  What we are competent in is volumetric storage analysis, hydraulic design including spillways and multi-purpose reservoir management science [operations research].
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