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Water resources
Most of our work involves some aspect of water resource systems or water resources engineering.  We have a particular interest in integrated water resource management [closely related to integrated catchment management], so even when working on some component of a water resource system, the welfare of the whole system is in mind.  Water resource system analysis, water supply, conjunctive use [of surface and groundwater] and water quality are all aspects we work with.
Surface hydrology
Many decades of research and teaching, as well as consultancy, underpin our work in surface hydrology.  Statistical flood and drought analyses, time series analysis of streamflows and other hydrological cycle components, regional surface water resources and hydrological measurements are all part of past and current work.  Review and summary of surface hydrology and resources for regional councils and resource consent applicants or submitters is carried out.
We are not a specialised groundwater hydraulics, groundwater modelling or aquifer [‘pump’] testing consultancy. Those things are best left to specialised firms.  However, we have appropriate understanding and competence in these fields to be able to understand them well and integrate them in overall water resource studies and investigations.
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