Project Client Comment
Selected Examples of DPC Ltd Projects
* Technical peer review: wastewater disposal options Iwi authority Land application alternatives to harbour outfall
* Computational hydraulic modelling for river habitat design Iwi authority and regional council With ecology and landscape collaborators
* Water-sensitive urban stormwater system Subdivision developer High-level concept design
* Stormwater pumping station performance review
A local government council
 Hydraulic investigation
* Technical peer review: water resources for water storage project
Another consultancy Surface water hydrology
* Water management plan development
A regional government council  Engineering feasibility
* Technical peer review: sewer pump network and rising main hydraulic design
A local government council Pre-implementation technical review of design by a major consulting firm
* Technical peer review: alternative methodologies for seasonal irrigation demand estimation 
A water resource management company; a regional council Expert witness evidence at Hearing based on report
* Consultancy report: potential effects of irrigation on  wind  erosion of soil 
Two high country stations [farms] Expert witness evidence at Hearing based on report
* Consultancy report: feasibility study of stream ecosystem rehabilitation 
A local government council and a university
Collaboration with an ecological engineering consultancy 
* Consultancy report: hydraulic study of culvert with internal pipes A research institute A land drainage and water supply 2-purpose culvert