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Ellesmere, Lincoln and a 245 km2 Iceberg

The largest iceberg in the Northern Hemisphere at the beginning of August 'calved' from the ice tongue of the Petermann Glacier in Northwest Greenland on 4 August. It is the largest such event on this glacier since 1991. Envisat ASAR satellite imagery is being used to monitor its movement because it is about to enter the Nares Strait, which is navigable by icebreakers during August and September. And what has this to do with Te Waihora Lake Ellesmere, near Lincoln [see home page photo]? Only the names. The Nares Strait separates Greenland from Ellesmere Island [Canada] and connects the Lincoln Sea with Baffin Bay.
Source: http://www.waterlink-international.com/news/id1307-Greenland_Glacier_Gives_Birth_to_Giant_Iceberg.html