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6th World Water Forum 2012

The World Water Council [see Global Water-related Links] last October signed an agreement with the French Government and the City of Marseille to hold the 6th World Water Forum there in March 2012.  There has been a World Water Forum every third year since 1997: in Marrakech, The Hague, Kyoto, Mexico and in Istanbul in 2009.  The Forum is probably the world’s largest water conference, with over 20 000 attendees from more than 180 countries in 2009: politicians, NGO representatives, government officials, water professionals and scientists.  Working together with runner-up candidate, Durban, South Africa, France and Marseille have vowed to make this a ‘Forum of solutions’.  After their meeting in June 2009, the World Water Council Board of Governors “expressed a clear need to deepen the dialogue on vital issues such as sanitation and the linkages between water, energy and agricultural production. They also indicated the need to broaden the engagement for water involving a wider variety of stakeholders that depend and impact on water resources. Furthermore, they indicated the need to mobilize further political will, for example to realize the Millennium Development Goals, to adapt to climate change and pro-actively prepare for disasters.”
Source: http://www.worldwatercouncil.org/index.php?id=2503&L=0target%3D_blank%25