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Pump Station Hydraulics
The hydraulic aspects of centrifugal pump performance in stormwater, wastewater and water supply pump stations has been the focus of several projects for territorial local authorities.
Water Management
Although this is primarily an engineering consultancy, experience since 2010 with  a Zone Committee,  the Regional Committee and several Working Groups of both for the Canterbury Water Management Strategy have added to several decades of rural and urban water resource management expertise.
RMA Hearings Expert Witness and Commissioner
Evidence has been given as an expert witness to many Resource Management Act (1991) Hearings on behalf of resource consent applicants and submitters, and at the request of Commissioners, on many aspects of What we do.  David Painter has completed the 'Making Good Decisions' Commissioner certification and re-certification programmes [2008, 2012] and has acted as a Hearings Commissioner on a number of occasions.
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