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UN World Water Development Report

A UN World Water Development Report has been published by UNESCO every third year since 2003.  The third edition [2009] is intended “to accelerate coverage and investments for basic human water needs (drinking water supply, sanitation and health, food security, mitigation of floods and droughts and prevention of conflicts), giving priority to developing countries.”  A first reaction could be that a ‘global’ report on water development would not relate directly to water development in New Zealand.  On closer examination, this is clearly not the case.  The report’s conceptual framework recognises how developments broader than water considerations influence water policies and management and how water management is an integral part of responses to climate change, food security, energy security and disaster management.  This recognition is of course in addition to the well-recognised relevance of water to human health and safety, primary production and industry. N.B. Before downloading [source below], note that the file is about 42 Mb.