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Christchurch Earthquake and Water

See the news post today concerning this earthquake.  While we are still in 'recovery mode' and still experiencing quite large aftershocks, it is already clear that there will be interesting information coming from this earthquake related to water.  This fault is thought not to have moved in the 16000 years since up to half a km thick post-glacial and alluvial gravels have formed the Canterbury Plains.  Liquefaction of fine sands has occurred in many areas.  Deep surface drains have filled with river or coastal sand and there are extensive 'boils' forming miniature 'volcanoes' of sand across the landscape and in city streets.  Water levels in wells show marked changes in aquifer pressures post-earthquake.  Springs and surface water connectivity with groundwater have changed.  There will be interesting hydrogeological information to be gathered where monitoring was taking place and instruments survived, and in the near future.